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You started with an idea, you would create some gift baskets, post about it all over Facebook (or any other social media platform) and the sales would start coming in.  Easy right?  Well not quite, there is so much more to running a gift basket business than that. Running a gift basket business is a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of hard work. 

The reality is that you need to have some skills or at least some knowledge of every aspect of your business.  This is where Basket Ask It comes in.  From a 16 lesson video gift basket business course, to articles and video how to's to help you through every aspect of running your home basket business


It really is not that difficult once you have the basics right, and we have tons of tips for making running a home based business a whole lot easier.  Of course, you need to create great gift basket designs, you need to know how to market effectively and you need to have plans in place so that you know which direction you are going to take for your business. 


We have all of this covered, from helpful gift basket design video tutorials which cover various aspects of creating gift baskets in your own style, various wrapping techniques and even creating your own bows, or jazzing up the regular pull bow.  We have identified some great opportunities and have an extensive supplier list for every aspect of supplies for your gift basket business. 


Keep scrolling and take a look at just a few of the lessons that are available for learning everything you need to know about starting and running a home-based gift basket business. 

To get started simply sign up as a paid member.  This will give you access to every section of our site including our full Gift Basket Business Course.  I have included a few previews of some of the lessons available to give you an idea of what to expect.  Further on there is some more information about what you can expect to receive as a paid member.

Our Gift Basket Business course covers the basics of running a gift basket business and contains information that you should know about running a gift basket business.  The course has 16 lessons Plus a bonus lesson and by the end of the course you will have a better understanding of the different aspects and basic skills that are needed to run a gift basket business.

Following on from the course we have some fantastic articles which look at running a gift basket business in more depth.  Many of these articles will stand you in good stead EVEN if you decide to change direction in your business.  In total we have over 400 articles and growing to cover these areas of business:  Business skills, customers, general business, corporate, how to's, gift bskets, marketing, product knowledge, pricing, business opportunities, social media, search engine optimisation and even a little bit on business law.

We also have a great selection of documents templates for you to download and use in your business, not forgetting supplier lists for gift basket products as well as great software solutions for your business.

We have some great tips from creating your own bows, or even jazzing up pull bows, as well as great tips on putting together and wrapping gift baskets.

You would not find so much information for so little on any other similar site.  Membership is great value for money and will help you to learn more about running a small home based business effectively.

Creating Beautiful  Gift Baskets

Creating gift baskets is really fun and creative, however contrary to popular belief there is so much more to creating a gift basket than adding a few products, wrapping it and adding a bow.


Our easy to follow videos will not only help you to consider what I like to call the 'mechanics' of gift basket design but will help you to develop your own unique creative style.


Don't worry our main videos run you through everything step by step, including which problems to look out for and how to overcome them.

You Need A Plan

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, you need a plan.  Business plans can be quite daunting, but they needn't be.

Unless you are writing your plans for investment or loan purposes you can actually keep these quite simple, and we have some great tips for members on how to make the whole business planning process easier.

If you are wondering why you need a business plan then take a look at this recording of a webinar that we did some time ago covering exactly why it is so important to have business plans.

You Need To Price For Profit

In order to grow your business effectively, you simply have to price for profit.  Now although there are many home-based businesses out there that are pricing really low, you simply cannot and should not compete on price, you will never grow your business this way.


Check out our video on the importance of pricing for profit and how you can overcome the problem of low-cost sellers.

We have numerous articles available to members on how to price for profit, plus a handy little template that calculates your selling price at a variety of profit margins.

The Importance Of Marketing

In order to get customers, you need to do some marketing.  Marketing is not quite as scary as you might think.  In fact, one of the biggest obstacles in marketing is your own mindset.


Take a look at this video to see exactly how your mindset can stop you from marketing effectively.


Once you discover how your mindset can affect your marketing, the task of marketing to new customers will become so much easier.


Did You Know

clipart man loading boxes


Did you know that there is a way to start your business without any initial cash layout for stock?


We cover this in some of our many articles.  Not only do we provide this information which can be extremely beneficial to your business but we have identified some amazing business opportunities too.


There is so much to learn, and Basket Ask It offers all of this information (plus access to our full gift basket business course) for a ridiculously low price


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Basket Ask It (formerly UK Gift Basket Association) was founded to help and support the small home based gift basket business in the UK.  If you want to start a gift basket business or are already running a home-based business we offer access to hundreds of articles and resources through our VIP membership program.  VIP members have access to hundreds of articles covering all aspects of running a home-based gift basket business, with information and videos on creating beautiful gift baskets, pricing for profit, creating business plans, finding your ideal customers, finding and dealing with your competitors, marketing, and so much more.  Also available supplier lists for finding the best products for your gift basket designs.